An Authentic window into your brand.

Businesses today are more unique than ever before and much of that uniqueness is only discovered through a personal encounter with the people. The videos we produce with our unique Q4 Production Method offer viewers a window into what your business, your brand is really about. Your videos will let the viewers meet you and come to understand you in a way that a scripted video won’t allow you too.

We believe this is the quickest, easiest and most authentic approach to video production available to businesses. It’s focussed on minimising hassle for the client while maximising the authority of the on-screen talent.

Over years of working with businesses (from small business owners to CEOs of Global corporations) we developed a technique to make sure that everyone was portrayed in the most authentic light.

Most people in business aren’t trained actors or professional newsreaders, so scripts and teleprompters don’t usually deliver the best results, that’s why we developed the Q4 Production Method, to help everyone present in their own awesome way.

It’s easy to prepare. No Scripts or Storyboards.

It’s easy on the shoot day. Being on-camera is easy and everything is done in one take.

It’s easy to review the edit. There are loads of options for conveying your key messages.

It’s quick and painless.

The Q4 Production Method leverages techniques used by some of the worlds leading TV and Documentary Producers and brings out the very best on any on-camera talent in a way that scripts, storyboards and autocues simply can’t.