Stop guessing … this is how much your video project is actually going to cost.

What’s Included in Our Video Production Packages?


Our producers learn about your organisation and what your videos need to achieve, then put together a production plan for how we’ll make it happen.

Creative Direction

Our team offer ‘Creative Direction’ all the way through the process of creating your videos. We love collaborating with you to get your input, and offer our creative suggestions so we create content you and your team love.


Scheduling, planning, organising … all the elements that go into getting a video project ready. Our producer works with you to make sure everything is well planned and ready so we can make the most of our time filming.

Video Content Planning

Planning the finished videos with you and making sure that we understand what messaging you’re presenting, who you’re presenting it to and how we can show it is all part of our content planning process.


Our two person crew will take care of you on the shoot day, with everything you’ll need.


On the shoot day, our Producer will produce the shoot and make sure we collect all the elements we need to create beautiful video content.

Camera Operator

During the shoot, the camera-op will make sure we’re collecting beautiful imagery of your brand, people and product so that our edit team have a great range of visuals to choose from in the edit. Our camera-ops also look after lighting and sound to make sure your people are looking and sounding the very best they can.

All Production Equipment

All equipment needed for standard shoots (cameras, lighting, sound recording, camera support and grip equipment) are included in each of our production packages.


Our team go to work on distilling your messages into refreshingly authentic video content for you to share with your audiences.

Media Management

All media management and data wrangling required to keep your footage safe and ready to access for our post team.


All the required editing for your project is included in the package price.

Music from our Libraries

We’re crazy about picking the right music, so we are members of four of the best music libraries in the world. Our packages include as many tracks from any of these libraries as we need for you to use online globally in perpetuity.

Audio Mix and Colour Grade

The final polishing that we do to make your video look lovely and sound sensational is included in our package pricing.

Two Rounds of Edit Revisions

We include two rounds of edit revisions to allow you and your team to make any adjustments needed to get the videos just right.


Our Post-Production team deliver all the files you need to optimise your video’s success and keep the raw video footage on file for repurposing down the track.

Raw Footage

Cloud access to all raw footage our cameras capture.

HD Upload-Ready Files

Finished videos delivered in HD file format optimised for online playback (with 5 additional compression options).

Fully Captioned Files

All our videos come with SRT Closed Caption files which can be downloaded separately and used for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc

Really pleased with my experience with ANGRYchair from start to finish. The fast turnaround and quality end product exceeded our expectations.
Master Plumbers Association | Daniel Carroll

What Isn’t Included in Our Production Packages?

We don’t include these in our production packages, but we can add them on when a project requires them:

  • Professional Voiceover Recording
  • Presenters or Actors
  • Storyboard Production
  • Additional Crew Members (for specific technical challenges)
  • Additional Filming Time
  • Additional Editing (out of the packaged scope)
  • Advanced Motion Graphics (Basic Graphics are included in the Packs)

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  • How long does the post-production take?

    We usually ask you to allow 3-4 weeks for us to edit the video content and get you our ‘directors cut’ to you. [We can do fast turnarounds if required, as they often are for events.] Then as soon as you let us know your thoughts on our edit, we’ll make the changes and get your final videos delivered and ready for you to share within a few days.
    In ‘Event Mode’ we’re often delivering drafts, making changes and delivering the final product on the same day or within 48 hours of the event.

  • How many rounds of edit changes in the video production packages?

    Most of our clients love our ‘directors cut’ an only need very minor tweaks, so we include two rounds of edit changes in the video production packages. If you’d like additional changes, we’d love to help with that at our edit rate of $200+GST per hour.

  • What happens on the day of filming?

    Our crew of two will arrive and meet you then have a quick look around to pick out the best space/spaces for filming. We’ll then set up the required lighting, sound equipment and cameras and be ready to roll! Each time we need to change setups in a location there may need to be some time to move lighting and sound equipment around a little.

  • How many videos can we produce in a full day of filming?

    This depends on exactly what you will include in your videos, and what level of production value you require, but if you’re producing a social media video content series using our Q4 Production method, it is possible to produce as many as 10x very simple videos in a full day of filming.

  • What dates do you have available for filming?

    You can book in a shoot from our filming availability schedule here, we can help out with other dates that are blocked out including weekends and public holidays if you give us a call or email to discuss.

  • How much should a 1 ,2 or 3 minute video cost?

    For a small crew of two people to film and edit a 1 – 3 minute corporate video is likely to cost in the range of $5,000 – 15,000 if it can be captured in a single day of filming. More complexity or more filming time will likely require a bigger budget.

    Our transparent pricing packs are based on a simple two-person crew, and the amount of time we’ll need to film for (half-day or full-day shoot packs).