Jobs Victoria

Jobs Victoria asked us to help tell the stories of people who were disadvantaged and looking for work, who they’ve been able to assist. We got to meet some really inspiring and amazing people and getting to put our spin on their stories was a real privilege.


We’ve met and spoken with a range of people over the past few years to put together the story behind their journeys seeking employment and with Jobs Victoria, to help highlight the significant impact the program is having on real lives. We also got to work with the ever-talented Kit Haselden (of Kit Haselden Photography fame) to create all the visual elements for the website.


We create short profile pieces on various members of the program, as well as social media spots and a front-page video loop to put the workers front-and-centre.

“Thank you for your great work on the case studies. The reaction from everyone has been so positive. Thank you for taking such care in crafting these profiles.”
Lucy Williams – Department of Jobs, Transport and Regions

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