Wanna Work for ANGRYchair?

Fair enough, we did too.

We employ multi-skilled people so Producer/Editors and Shooter/Producers as well as juniors who are looking to become a ‘video-production-inspector-gadget’.

We are always keen to hear from people who want to work with us, but we need you to really stand out, so emailing a resume won’t quite cut it. Get our attention by creating a quick video about what you can bring and show off some of what you can do. Send a link to that video to jobs@angrychair.com.au


Wanna do Work Experience with us?


We’re all about helping people check out the industry to see if it’s for them.

But … we need you to be super keen. So we need you to apply for work experience by creating a video explaining why you LOVE video production and what you want to see/experience/learn from us. send a link to jobs@angrychair.com.au

Please note that we do have a limit of how many work experience people we can have in any calendar year, so your application may not be accepted just because we’re full.