Video Production
Made Easy, in Melbourne

A Video Production Approach Made for Marketing.

An Easy Production Experience to Make You Look Great

We take care of the intricate production process so that you can focus on the long list of other challenges you have on your plate.

A Unique Approach That Makes it Easy to be ‘On Camera’

Our Q4 Production Method removes the scripts, autocues and discomfort from being on camera, so your people can relax and be themselves on camera, which makes it a better experience for them, and a much better end product for your audience.

Refreshingly Authentic Videos For Your Brand

Your brand deserves exceptional quality videos, we’ll walk you through how we make that happen.

Our Q4 Production Method

From conception of a video idea to sharing it with your audience, the journey can seem like a long, complex road. Marketing is your thing, video production is ours – we take all the nitty gritty out of your hands so you get to deliver your brand’s video needs in a breeze.

1. Kick Off

Let’s put together a brief: What are the key messages you want to deliver? What is the look and feel your brand is going for?

2. Shoot

Our nimble and dynamic team comes to you to capture the story you want to tell. We know the importance of capturing your people and brand in the most authentic way possible.

3. Directors Cut

We aim to nail it in the first “draft” of your videos. Review and approve your videos and watch your project come to life.

4. Premiere

The best part – you get to share your videos with the world! We package together everything you need to make your video launch easy and impactful.

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Our Services

Good marketers need all sorts of videos, our painless video production approach can apply to any of these kinds of videos and more …
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A Team of Pros Making Video Content For You

You need a Melbourne based Video Producer who can look after your video requirements, so you can focus on your long list of other responsibilities – and we LOVE being that producer.

Your brand deserves better than an aspiring filmmaker trying to create art when you need results-focused video content. And that’s what we bring. A focused production partnership where we spend time understanding your brand and your project needs so that we can take the stress off your hands and look after the video production for you.

Get Your Video Project Started

1. Choose a Video Production Package

Head to our Pricing Page and pick a package that suits your needs and budget.

2. Tell Us About Your Brand and Goals

Give us a quick call or leave us a note to connect over email or a coffee about what you’re keen to do with video.

3. Let Us Get Stuck In to Your Video Project

We’ll book in a shoot date and spend some time putting together a project plan to produce your videos with you, then, get stuck into production.

*That’s it. Our team will take care of the rest.

Our Packages

You’re looking for a video production company in Melbourne who will get your brand, produce magnificent videos and help make your brand look as authentically awesome as it really is.

These production packages are designed to include everything you’ll need, without any extra fluff.

The Full Day Shoot Pack
Produce a Suite of Videos with a Full Day of Filming

8 hr Shoot
1-2x Hero Videos
Up to 5x Cutdown Edits.

The Half Day Shoot Pack
A Four Hour Shoot with Post Production

4 hr Shoot
1x Hero Video
Up to 2x Cutdown Edits

Why Choose ANGRYchair?

Life is too short and you’re too busy to waste your time making bad videos. 

Your brand deserves awesome videos.

When it comes to selecting a video production company, we think you should ask: Is the end product excellent? Is the process easy and hopefully fun? And, most importantly, is the process and the output exactly what your brand needs?

We love making content that is perfect for your brand, and above all else, we love making it FOR YOU!  It’s all about you and your brand.

We know lots about video production. We’ve developed a production method that we think marries the best in production techniques, and ‘hacks’ to make it as easy and efficient for you and your team as possible. We call it the Q4 Production Method. It’s simply a way of making refreshingly authentic video content that makes your people and your brand look authentically sensational. 

We look after the whole process so you can focus on what you’re good at.

We’d love to chat and see if we can help you get started.