LinkedIn Video Production

With the surge of video functionality on LinkedIn, now is the time to stand apart from the pack with stunning expert video content.

Our team love working with experts and our unique Q4 production approach makes it easy for execs and industry experts alike, to be on camera.

You can see the amazing rise of LinkedIn as a B2B marketing platform, and can see that video is an important part of having success and ‘stopping the scroll’. But video is a challenging medium that you might need a hand with.

Props to you. LinkedIn has never been as effective as it is now, and neither has it ever been this well equipped to leverage video content to show off your brand in whatever way you want to show it off.

LinkedIn Video Strategies

For us, there are a handful of approaches we’ve seen work really well on LinkedIn and we want to share them with you here.

Showcasing Your Team

Your amazing team are your brand biggest asset … right? Why not show off how good they are to the world? We do it, meet our team here.

Posting profile videos of your brilliant team as a mini-series on LinkedIn has loads of benefits including letting people ‘meet your brand’.

The more people come to know-like-trust your people and your brand, the more likely they are to reach out to talk about engaging with you. 

This can also be a great little recruitment/HR exercise as people checking out your business on LinkedIn are likely to want to hear from some of the people they may be working with.


Sharing Expert Knowledge

Offer some value!

That’s right, share some of that awesome knowledge that your clients engage you for. Back in the old days, they said ‘the margin’s in the mystery’ but my oh my, what a turnaround the internet has inflicted on that saying. If anyone wants to learn how to do anything … they can google it. So, be generous with your expert knowledge and help build up that trust in your audience.


Share Your Success

Sharing testimonial videos on LinkedIn is a humblebrag that makes sense because you’re sharing your ‘wins’. Let your audience see what your customers think of you. LinkedIn is the right place to do it.


Share Your Brand

You know what … LinkedIn is an environment where you can share high-quality video for the sake of … sharing.

And people love it. (So does LinkedIn’s algorithm.)

Whether it’s a new piece of content about a new product, service, launch or recent event. Quality videos in your LinkedIn feed are more interesting than a lot of the other content people are sharing. 


Our Top Three Tips for Video Posts on LinkedIn…

1. Serve Dessert first

Put your best content in the first few seconds of your video. Google’s ‘Unskippable Labs’ research team have identified this as a must-do for all online video content looking to attract someone’s attention and keep them captivated. 

Thumbnail is the First Frame

Like a few other platforms, LinkedIn (by default) uses the very first frame of your video, that is what happens at 0:00:01 as your thumbnail, so make sure you don’t start with a fade-from-black or a frame with someone’s eyes half-open.

Use Captions

If you have someone speaking or are using voice over in your videos, make sure you use closed or open captions. This way the user doesn’t need to hear your video content to understand what it’s about. SRT’s can be ripped from a YouTube post of a video, or sourced using a tool like or