Edit Review and Approval

At the end of the day, what’s most important to us is that you have a video that you love and can’t wait to post online and share with your audience. The edit review and approval process is where you collaborate with our team to ensure we’re meeting your creative goals.

The Edit Review

The review process begins with a screening link to your first draft. The link takes you to a dedicated interface where you can watch your video and leave detailed notes on what changes you may want. Your editor is always happy to jump on a call as well should you want to discuss ideas in greater detail person to person.

This is where we really want to hear all your thoughts, whether it’s good or bad. Let us know if you don’t like a particular shot, wish the music was a bit different or prefer a different font. The more we know, the more capable we are of getting everything right with the next pass. 

We know that sometimes there’s a team of people that need to review an edit. Our interface is designed so that multiple team members can leave notes and see and comment on each other’s feedback. It’s a great way to centralise all discussion on the edit and ensure the whole group is being heard.

Once we know everyone’s feedback is in, we will commence with revisions. A new screening link will be sent out once the next edit is completed.


Once you confirm no further changes are needed and the video is approved, our editors will begin the delivery process. They will generate all of the necessary deliverables per the client brief and send you a final download link once your files are ready.  

We just love working with the ANGRYchair team. It is evident in the final product, that they just ‘get’ us.
St Catherine’s School | Kerrie Mussert