Social Media Video Production

You want to create high-value content for your social media channels and you know that the best way to generate engagement and ‘stop the scroll’ is video, but you’ve heard video production is expensive and hard work … right?

Good News:

Video production for social media can actually be one of the best bang-for-buck approaches to production that we can help with.

Lots of Videos Produced in a Series 

The reason it can be such good value is that we’re able to get in a groove with filming. We can set up with an awesome location and look for your video content series and really get stuck into it.

This content series for the Australian Blueberry Growers Association was filmed over two days (2x Full Day Shoot Packs) and was awesome because it was the same setup, and it allowed us to shoot dish after dish without needing to reset. 

One other reason you get such good value is that you can often aim to make 1x video content series, like the blueberry dishes, then we can produce additional videos for you from that like ‘summer with blueberries’ or ‘garnishing with blueberries’ or just a mashup of beautiful food shots.

Lemon and Blueberry Layer Cake

Blueberry Open Ice Cream Sandwich

Blueberry Lemonade

Expert Content Series

An example of a social media video content series we produced for a professional services company was the below example for Visage Growth Partners. In this instance they wanted their main strategist Adam to deliver high-value content for CEO’s and business executives.

While each of the videos has a different look (and outfit) for it, this series of videos were all shot in two full-day blocks at a co-working space where we could use different rooms for different looks. 

This is a great way of leveraging your team’s time because you can knock it all over in a single shooting block. 

Adam Siegel | Leadership Priorities

Bernard Salt | The Future of Work

Andrea Clarke | Career CEO

Planning Video Content for Social Media

Sounds daunting … but using our unique Q4 Production Method, it’s actually quicker and easier than you’d expect.

Some marketing professionals expect to spend weeks of planning to create a social media video series, but you have lots to do, and you don’t have time for that, so this is what we’ll do instead:

  1. Brainstorm a list of videos you’d like in your series. 
  2. For each of those videos, come up with:
    • 3-5 key messages (what you’d like said/conveyed)
    • 3-5 key visuals (how we can help you ‘show’ your key messages)
  3. Identify what platform(s) you’d like to share them on and/or pick a length for the videos.

We can help with this process. And once you have that in place, we’ll be able to talk through some simple questions so we can tell you how we can best approach it with our video production packages.

The Full Day Shoot Pack
Produce a Suite of Videos with a Full Day of Filming

8 hr Shoot
1-2x Hero Videos
Up to 5x Cutdown Edits.

The Half Day Shoot Pack
A Four Hour Shoot with Post Production

4 hr Shoot
1x Hero Video
Up to 2x Cutdown Edits

Why Choose ANGRYchair?

Life is too short and you’re too busy to waste your time making bad videos. 

Your brand deserves awesome videos.

When it comes to selecting a video production company, we think you should ask: Is the end product excellent? Is the process easy and hopefully fun? And, most importantly, is the process and the output exactly what your brand needs?

We love making content that is perfect for your brand, and above all else, we love making it FOR YOU!  It’s all about you and your brand.

We know lots about video production. We’ve developed a production method that we think marries the best in production techniques, and ‘hacks’ to make it as easy and efficient for you and your team as possible. We call it the Q4 Production Method. It’s simply a way of making refreshingly authentic video content that makes your people and your brand look authentically sensational. 

We look after the whole process so you can focus on what you’re good at.

We’d love to chat and see if we can help you get started.

  • How many videos can we produce in a full day of filming?

    This depends on exactly what you will include in your videos, and what level of production value you require, but if you’re producing a social media video content series using our Q4 Production method, it’s not unusual to produce 10x or more videos in a full day of filming.

  • What happens on the day of filming?

    Our crew of two will arrive and meet you then have a quick look around to pick out the best space/spaces for filming. We’ll then set up the required lighting, sound equipment and cameras and be ready to roll! Each time we need to change setups in a location there may need to be some time to move lighting and sound equipment around a little.

  • What dates do you have available for filming?

    You can book in a shoot from our filming availability schedule, we can help out with other dates that are blocked out including weekends and public holidays if you give us a call or email to discuss.

  • How long does the post-production take?

    We usually ask you to allow 2-3 weeks for us to edit the video content and get you our ‘directors cut’ to you. [We can do fast turn-arounds if required.] Then as soon as you let us know your thoughts on our edit, we’ll make the changes and get your final videos delivered and ready for you to share within a few days.

  • How many rounds of edit changes in the video production packages?

    Most of our clients love our ‘directors cut’ an only need very minor tweaks, so we include one round of edit changes in the video production packages. If you’d like additional changes, we’d love to help with that at our edit rate of $200+GST per hour.