What Happens on an ANGRYchair Shoot?

A ‘Shoot Day’ is often the most exciting moment for a project. Our job is to make its as successful, fun and easy as possible for you.

The Shoot

Whether you’re booked in for a half day, full day or a couple of days, Our Video Production Packages include a crew of two, a camera-op and a producer who are there to make you and your people look amazing.

Our team will look after everything on the production side of things, and will make sure your team are looking sharp and sounding great in the videos we produce with you.

Our Crew For Your Shoot

Camera Operator

Our Camera-Op’s job is to make you and your brand look as good as possible. Our ‘Shooters’ use the latest equipment and techniques to capture your brand and organisation look sensational.


Our Producer is there to make sure everything runs smoothly and to schedule. They’ll help craft the story and work with everyone involved to get the best possible end product.

Sound Recording

Our Camera Operators usually look after the sound, but for more complex shoots, a location Sound Recordist is a great additional idea to make sure we capture the best possible sound.


It’s our Camera Operators who look after the lighting for our shoots to keep them nimble and low impact.  For bigger shoots, we can add in a Gaffer (Lighting Designer) for some extra ‘Oomph’.


At its heart, cinematography is the very core of video production. It’s what separates amateur video from polished professional video production, and what separates great brands and organisations from those who cut corners.


The video content and how it finishes up is all the responsibility of one central person, the Producer. On an ANGRYchair shoot, that person will wear a range of hats to make sure the content we get ‘in the can’ (capture in the camera) is exactly what we need to craft excellent video content for you.

Gaffer? Best Boy? Clapper Loader?

What about the rest of the crew?!

You’re likely to get quotes for video production that looks more like the credits from a Hollywood production. Our approach is intentionally different to big productions.

And there is a good reason for that…

ANGRYchair were able to turn around some fantastic company videos in a short time for us as part of our new job ad campaign. We were thrilled with how they turned out. Really captured what we were looking for and pieced together nicely. Thanks to the team!
Novo Nordisk | Amy Laupama