Video Producer

The Many Hats a ‘Producer’ Wears

Your video production project needs a point person who knows exactly what is going on and how it is going to happen. For ANGRYchair projects, that person is your Producer.

You can lean on them for any questions you have about your project and they’ll have the answer for you, because they wear a number of hats.


On the day of the shoot, your producer’s key role is to ensure the whole team has everything they need to create your videos in the best possible way.  There are a lot of moving parts and they are on top of all of them.

They are also there in a director capacity.  Meaning, they are guiding the overall look of what is being captured and ensuring that everyone looks great, feels at ease and is having a good time. 

This particular task means that they need to keep a number of other aspects in check at the same time.

Production Manager

During the Pre-Production phase your producer will work with you to create a schedule and arrange the logistics to make sure the shoot runs like clockwork.


Your people should look amazing on-camera, and making sure they look and sound great in the interview is the role of s skillful interviewer. This is something our ANGRYchair producers pride themselves on.


To make the most of your time on a shoot, we keep to a solid schedule and our producer will help set it and keep to it on the day.

Prompt response to emails and calls, friendly to work with, very professional and produced high quality creative content to brief. Highly recommend!
Beyond Blue | Marnie Kane

Videos That Make Your Team Look Great

We take care of the all the ingredients that go into a sensational video, so that you don’t have to.


We use big, soft, diffused light sources that flatter our subjects and make the shots look sensational.

Lens and Diffusion

We carefully select lenses and sometimes make use of cinema-grade diffusion filters to reduce natural blemishes.

Interview Style

Our uniquely relaxed, conversational interviews extract the best and most authentic messaging for your expert people.

Refreshingly Authentic Editing

Our unique method of conveying your key messages in a personal way that makes the audience feel like they’re getting to know your team. 

  • How long does the post-production take?

    We usually ask you to allow 3-4 weeks for us to edit the video content and get you our ‘directors cut’ to you. [We can do fast turnarounds if required, as they often are for events.] Then as soon as you let us know your thoughts on our edit, we’ll make the changes and get your final videos delivered and ready for you to share within a few days.
    In ‘Event Mode’ we’re often delivering drafts, making changes and delivering the final product on the same day or within 48 hours of the event.

  • How many rounds of edit changes in the video production packages?

    Most of our clients love our ‘directors cut’ an only need very minor tweaks, so we include one round of edit changes in the video production packages. If you’d like additional changes, we’d love to help with that at our edit rate of $200+GST per hour.

  • What happens on the day of filming?

    Our crew of two will arrive and meet you then have a quick look around to pick out the best space/spaces for filming. We’ll then set up the required lighting, sound equipment and cameras and be ready to roll! Each time we need to change setups in a location there may need to be some time to move lighting and sound equipment around a little.

  • How many videos can we produce in a full day of filming?

    This depends on exactly what you will include in your videos, and what level of production value you require, but if you’re producing a social media video content series using our Q4 Production method, it’s not unusual to produce 10x or more videos in a full day of filming.

  • What dates do you have available for filming?

    You can book in a shoot from our filming availability schedule here, we can help out with other dates that are blocked out including weekends and public holidays if you give us a call or email to discuss.