Video Production Methodology

We Make Making Videos Easy

You know about how movies are made, well, our approach to making video content for your brand is different. It’s uniquely designed to make the best possible videos in the easiest and most efficient way possible. We call it the ‘Q4 Production Method‘.

Step 1 | The Kick Off

We keep it simple. In this pre-production stage, we will work with you to create a concise brief that lays out everything we need to know in one document. We don’t usually need expensive storyboards or traditional scripts.

Step 2 | The Shoot

Production day! On the day of your shoot our nimble crew is made up of all rounders who look after exactly what you need, without going over-the-top. Our Camera Operator makes sure you look and sound great on camera, and our Producer looks after the logistics and ensures all the story elements and key messages from your brief are captured.

Step 3 | The Director’s Cut

In ‘post‘ – a.k.a. post-production – your videos come to life. Our team use a combination of editing, colour grading, music selection and audio mixing to craft videos that are perfect for your brand. We aim to nail your videos in the first ‘draft’, the Director’s Cut, which you can review and approve your videos using our cutting edge tools.

Step 4 | The Premiere

This is where you get to bring your freshly minted videos to life and share them with your audience. We’ll help with the assets you’ll need, like optimised video files that look great, subtitle files for social media and accessibility and even the raw files for your records.

Working with ANGRYchair is absolutely delightful! They are friendly, wonderful listeners and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the finished product is all that it can be. Highly recommended!
VicSRC | Nell MacColl
  • How much should I pay for video production?

    Video production can range from $1,000 to $50,000 (and higher) for a short corporate video.
    There are lots of variables involved in video production, so each project can differ based on things like the amount of filming required, the size of the crew required, and the complexity of the edits.
    The best way to establish what you should pay is by finding a video that ‘looks and feels’ like what you’d like to achieve and asking production companies to quote on a video of that style and production value.
    Our transparent pricing packs are based on a two-person crew, and the amount of time we’ll need to film for (half-day or full-day shoot packs).

  • Why video production is important ?

    Video production is important because it engages, communicates, and builds brands effectively. It’s versatile, boosts SEO, tells compelling stories, instructs, and offers valuable analytics.
    Video also has a unique ability to communicate emotion with the power of music and authentic spoken voice. This makes it an ideal medium for conveying an authentic and human message quickly and effectively.
    In today’s digital age, video content dominates social media and online platforms, making it an essential tool for reaching and engaging diverse audiences.

  • How do I choose a video production company?

    Look for a handful of video production companies who have some good examples of video content that are in line with the style of content you’re looking to produce, within your budget.

    Then speak with each of them to understand their process, timelines and anything that can affect the final costs and delivery times.

    A great idea is to have a simple, but clear brief with some reference videos that show what you’re looking to produce for the production companies to review and provide a quote and example videos for.

    At the end of the day it’s often a combination of these factors that will help you make the best decision.

    Trust your instincts and select a company that understands your vision and can deliver a video that will work well for your brand, within your budget.

  • What is video production?

    Video production is a comprehensive process that involves planning, capturing, and editing video content to create a finished product. It encompasses everything from pre-production tasks like concept development, and planning, to the actual shooting or recording of footage, and finally, post-production work like video editing, sound design, and adding graphics. Video production can serve various purposes, including storytelling, marketing, education, entertainment, and more, making it a versatile tool for conveying information and engaging audiences.

    We believe it is particularly powerful for sharing authentic messaging with an audience and can be used to convey the personality and culture of an organisation in a really effective way.