What Our Camera Operators Do…

It’s no accident that our videos look the way they do. Our camera-ops are meticulous in all aspects of capturing videos.

Lighting Design

Something our camera-ops take very seriously is the way light plays on the subject matter we’re filming. Our crews travel with a small but effective suite of lights that can have a great impact on how our footage looks.

Sound Recording

A critical part of high quality video production is having sensational sound. We use a carefully selected range of professional microphones to be discrete and capture top-notch sound.


Lens selection, composition, frame rate, codec, exposure, bit rate, focal length and on and on … camerawork is critical to getting exactly what we want captured for our editors to work with.

Director Of Photography

In our line of work this is a term that gets misused a lot. Technically, our camera-ops work as the DOP’s on a shoot, but when there is only one camera-op, it’s unusual to describe them as a DOP. But we suppose there isn’t anyone else to do that.

ANGRYchair were able to turn around some fantastic company videos in a short time for us as part of our new job ad campaign. We were thrilled with how they turned out. Really captured what we were looking for and pieced together nicely. Thanks to the team!
Novo Nordisk | Amy Laupama