The Rest of the Crew

Gaffer? Make Up Artist? Best Boy? Clapper Loader? Creative Director?!?!

You’re looking at a handful of production companies and their quotes include a bigger crew for the shoot day than ours.

Why don’t we use a big crew?

It’s simple, we want to create the best possible end product while creating the lowest possible interruption and footprint to your day-to-day. Also, people who are not used to being on camera can end up feeling nervous and intimidated by a large crew presence.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with big crews.  In fact,  we still work on projects that require huge crews, but those are very unique situations.

You’re trying to organise a shoot that won’t interfere with the rest of the business or inconvenience more departments than you need to, so we help by being nimble and low-impact in our approach.

In the middle of a busy and stressful day, your boss’s boss walks in to be on-camera and 10 complete strangers in black t-shirts are staring at her.

That is the reality of a corporate video shoot with big crews.

The ANGRYchair experience is different. Our small team are our staff and their number one priority is looking after you.

What if we want a bigger crew?

Well, we can help with that too. If you’re keen for some extra hands for your shoot, perhaps specifically hair and make-up or the shoot requires complex lighting, we can bring in extra help for that.

Do we need more people at our shoot?

Honestly, in 95% of projects we work on, no.

If you want more people on the shoot day, and you have a budget for it, let us know and we can bring in some extra help.

Here are the reasons why our standard production packages don’t include these roles.

Hair and Make Up

We believe that your team should present on-camera the way they would on a normal day. Looking sharp, but not over-the-top. If some of your team are keen to go to the extra effort, thats cool too, but we think it’s best for them to use their people, rather than a stranger.

Gaffer/Lighting Design

Lighting design is important, and our camera operators are masters of selecting and controlling lights to make you look sensational. 97% of our shoots don’t require more than what we travel with, in the 3% of cases we need more lighting power, we’ll let you know and add a gaffer to the quote.

Creative Director

Our team are selected for their creative approach to production, and on-the-day, your team will receive direction from both our camera operator and our producer. So in a sense, we’re providing two people who we think are creative directors in their own right.


Our Producer wears the ‘director’ hat on the shoot day, but we don’t usually need someone who is skilled in directing actors or blocking scenes when we work with your team.

Extra Camera Operators

Our production approach (usually) doesn’t require any extra camera operators for your shoot. If there are extremely complex elements to your video project, we can explore bringing in a second operator.

Autocue Operator

If someone needs to read from a prompter, we now have an easy way to do it thanks to the iPad. We don’t usually need a seperate operator for the autocue. *We’ve had CEOs, Billionaires, Archbishops and Members of Parliament use the iPad solution.

Production Manager

This work is done as part of the pre-production and is included in all our production packs.

Working with ANGRYchair is absolutely delightful! They are friendly, wonderful listeners and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the finished product is all that it can be. Highly recommended!
VicSRC | Nell MacColl