The words that a viewer hears in your video, and how they’re delivered is critical to the success of your video content.

Here are four ways to approach scripting your video:

1. Writing the Script in the Edit Suite

Our unique Q4 production process actually doesn’t require word-for-word scripting on the day of filming. We’ve found over the years, that most people appear on camera in a better and more authentic and likeable (often more relaxed) way if they’re having a chat with our producer, rather than reciting a remembered speech, or reading from an autocue.

We do our writing in the edit suite.

Once we’ve had a focussed chat with your people about the ‘key messages’ that the video content will focus on, we select the best ‘interview grabs’ and use them to build our story.

*This is our favourite, and delivers the best results.

2. A Voiceover Script

If you’re creating video content that is purely instructional or is more designed to convey facts and figures rather than create an emotional connection with your audience, a voiceover is a great approach.

Voiceover Scripts are quite different to copy on a website or text in a book, in that it stills needs to be spoken.

Our producer can work with you to ensure the voiceover script is well written and ready for a voice artist to record.

3. An Autocue Script

It might look super-easy, but reading a moving script from a piece of one-way-glass is a skill that newsreaders are masters of.

Unfortunately, it makes a lot of the rest of us look a bit wooden.

Our team can help with a speech that you can read from an autocue, but we’re really keen for you to consider our Q4 approach, which is a more relaxed interview rather than a presentation.

Most people we have on-camera, from CEO’s to factory floor workers, come across much better using our relaxed video production approach rather than reading a script.

4. A Scene by Scene Script

Well, we actually don’t do these. You’ll be able to find production companies with talented writers and directors who do, but it’s not something that we’re experienced in.

… in summary

If you ask us, the best way to get the most out of someone on-camera is to put the scripts away and have a chat, just like you would over a cuppa or beer at the pub.

A relaxed conversation allows for authentic moments that help the audience get to know your team, and allow them to express the important messages in their own words.

Novo Nordisk

ANGRYchair were able to turn around some fantastic company videos in a short time for us as part of our new job ad campaign. We were thrilled with how they turned out. Really captured what we were looking for and pieced together nicely. Thanks to the team!

– Amy Laupama

Tennis Victoria

Angrychair were absolutely awesome in helping bring to life a vision from Tennis Victoria to develop video assets for our youth advisory committee. From vision planning, to filming and editing they were absolute legends to work with! The final quality of our video assets are amazing and I would recommend them for any vision you have that you would like to capture!

– Peter Bertoncini

Australian Payroll Association

Every time we engage the ANGRYchair team, we are blown away at the outputs. Thank again for your recent work at our conference.

– Tracy Angwin

L1 Capital

Dave and the ANGRYchair team are phenomenal at what they do! Your video production needs are in very safe hands with this highly skilled team.

– Jemima Joseph

Beyond Blue

Prompt response to emails and calls, friendly to work with, very professional and produced high quality creative content to brief. Highly recommend!

– Marnie Kane

GPT Group

Angry Chair have been amazing to work with! Cannot recommend the team more highly. The organisation, shoot days and editing were seamless. The team are responsive, efficient and very talented. Couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Apricot Consulting

Angry Chair are a fantastic, customer-focused organisation. I worked with Carla, Matthew & Mikko to produce a series of videos for our consulting firm as part of a marketing campaign. Angry Chair listened brilliantly to the brief, managed to distil and materialise a complex concept into an engaging and clever set of videos. The Angry Chair team were extremely available and the entire production process was seamless and easy to interact with. Editing was super straight-forwards, and the videos were turned around in a very tight timeframe. I cannot speak more highly of the Angry Chair team, the thought they have put into customer experience, and the quality of their work.

– Ben Hellstrom

Australian Property Insitute

Dave, Michal and team helped produce some beautiful videos for our virtual awards program. They were easy to work with, answered all our questions and made all our edits with a quick turnaround. They were much better value than other video companies we have worked with and I would not hesitate to use them again for future projects.

– Mia Yip

Master Plumbers

Really pleased with my experience with Angrychair from start to finish. The fast turnaround and quality end product exceeded our expectations.


A super simple process, very professional and a great team to work with!

– Graham Turner