Major Event Video Production

You’re working on a major event and you know you’re going to need some videos to promote it, offer to media for PR exposure, capture it for future events and of course … bottle it up and make it look as awesome as it is. 

We’d love to see if we can help.

Major Event Video Production

You’re working on a major event and you know you’re going to need some videos to promote it, offer to media for PR exposure, capture it for future events and of course … bottle it up and make it look as awesome as it is. 

We’d love to see if we can help.

We’ve got a few runs on the board with some major Melbourne events:  the Motorclassica, F1 Grand Prix, Flower and Garden Show, Real Madrid’s World of Football…..oh, and The Australian Open. While major events have their own unique requirements, they all need to look awesome and be presented sensationally.

There are a suite of videos that are often made by event promoters and we’ve done most of them. 

VNR – Video News Release

This is an industry term for what looks like a press release but for TV News. Its a curated selection of the very best raw footage and interview grabs for a TV News Editor to choose from to create a story. 

In short it’s an asset you can hand a news director without them needing to use the resource of sending a camera-op and reporter to cover your event as a story, but still supply them with some great content to run on their nightly news. 

We’ve produced VNR’s for The Australian Open, Real Madrid: World of Football (world premiere), Laver Cup, Nelson Mandela My Life (world premiere) and countless major events.

For the ‘Nelson Mandela | My Life’  world premiere the senior PR rep described the VNR we produced for them as ‘best practice’ and secured them coverage on a huge number of traditional and digital media outlets.  

Major Event Promo Video Reel

This is the video reel you’ll use over and over to show the people who couldn’t be there in person how epic your event was. Usually a sizzle reel between 90-180 seconds will touch on the best of your event, the fan experience, the commercial partners and the scale of what you presented. 

This reel is an important piece for your portfolio for pitching future events and showcasing exactly what you can do. 


Daily Wrap Video

These videos are important for the people following your event from afar. In the world of sport, people on the other side of the world are waking up and want to get ‘up to speed’ on what has happened while they were sleeping, so a punchy 90-120 second wrap video will get them up to speed on what happened.

For corporate events, these are great for delegates to share with colleagues and networks about the event they are attending and maybe speak about some of the value they are taking from the sessions. 

Some Major Events We’ve Worked On

Event Wrap For Sponsors

This is for the seriously big events which command big brand sponsorship. 

One of the best ways of showing the brands how much you love them is to handcraft a video of their presence at your event and how the fans engaged with and fell in love with your sponsors during the course of your event. 

For one of our clients, these videos are paramount:  “This may be the only way the CEO of our sponsors will experience the impact of this partnership, so it has to be an exceptional piece of content”.


Integrated Video Content For Sponsors

Depending on what kind of major event you’re putting on, the motivation for brands to partner with you may be the integration between your event and their brand.

A sensational way to add value to the partnership is what we refer to as ‘integrated content’. Think about ‘Rock Stars in Compact Cars’ presented to you by <your car sponsor name goes here>. For the car brand, this is a way of getting their product in front of the fans of this brand. You’ll release the content on your channel, which music fans are following, and will want the inside scoop on what happens in the video, creating the opportunity for your partner to showcase their product to a new audience. 

You get awesome content for your social media (and sometimes broadcast) audiences, and your car sponsor gets a whole new audience for their content by way of integration. It’s a win-win. 


Event Video Advertisements

If you’re at a point where you need ‘bums-on-seats laddie’ then, of course, we can help promote your major event with some refreshingly authentic video content.

Whether its advertisements for ticket agents, broadcast TV or social media advertising, we can help. 

The good news is, once you’ve had our team film at your event once, a lot of that footage (often from the launch event) can be used to promote ticket sales. 


ANGRYchair is a huge asset to have working on our event, managing multiple tasks in a fast paced environment and always delivering to the highest standard. Their broad production knowledge and wide-ranging skill set make them an extremely valuable addition to our production team and able to handle any sized task you send their way. They treat every project with care, consideration and will always go the extra mile to deliver the best outcome.
Darren Pearce – Director, Media & Communications – Tennis Australia

What our customers say about working with ANGRYchair…

  • How long does the post-production take?

    We usually ask you to allow 3-4 weeks for us to edit the video content and get you our ‘directors cut’ to you. [We can do fast turnarounds if required, as they often are for events.] Then as soon as you let us know your thoughts on our edit, we’ll make the changes and get your final videos delivered and ready for you to share within a few days.
    In ‘Event Mode’ we’re often delivering drafts, making changes and delivering the final product on the same day or within 48 hours of the event.

  • How many rounds of edit changes in the video production packages?

    Most of our clients love our ‘directors cut’ an only need very minor tweaks, so we include two rounds of edit changes in the video production packages. If you’d like additional changes, we’d love to help with that at our edit rate of $200+GST per hour.

  • What happens on the day of filming?

    Our crew of two will arrive and meet you then have a quick look around to pick out the best space/spaces for filming. We’ll then set up the required lighting, sound equipment and cameras and be ready to roll! Each time we need to change setups in a location there may need to be some time to move lighting and sound equipment around a little.

  • How many videos can we produce in a full day of filming?

    This depends on exactly what you will include in your videos, and what level of production value you require, but if you’re producing a social media video content series using our Q4 Production method, it is possible to produce as many as 10x very simple videos in a full day of filming.

  • What dates do you have available for filming?

    You can book in a shoot from our filming availability schedule here, we can help out with other dates that are blocked out including weekends and public holidays if you give us a call or email to discuss.