Get More Video Views with Captions on LinkedIn

Video Sharing

LinkedIn is growing in popularity in an unprecedented way and a big piece of the growth is their approach to video.

So, If you’re already a brand who has invested in video content to help market your business, how do you get the most out of it on LinkedIn?

There are loads of great strategies, but there is one ‘no-brainer’ that will give you a massive edge over other content filling your networks feed, captions.

Just like Facebook, videos autoplay silently in the mobile feed in LinkedIn, so to give your audience a chance to understand what it is they’re looking at, you need to add captions to the video.

They behave, the same way the FB captions do – when you click into a video they disappear and you hear the audio (unless you have captions ‘on’ as a default setting, then they’ll stay there).

So, how do you get them on there?

It’s easy …

“But wait!” I hear you exclaim, where do I get my SRT caption files from!?

Well, if ANGRYchair made your videos you can follow the instructions in this video here to find out where to grab them…

If not, you can either make them yourself (if it’s a quick video and you have a few minutes that might be a good bet) or you can pay someone to do it for you.

You’ll see it is well worth doing as people will be more able to engage with your content and keen to watch more of the video if they know what it’s about before they click to get the sound.