What we did

We teamed up with the Victorian Curriculum Assessment authority and the Victorian Student Representative Council to create an awesome series to better explain civics and citizenship to students in Victorian schools. This was a pet project of James Molino and the Vic SRC, who are long time clients of ANGRYchair.

What we delivered

We delivered six unique education pieces that are played in schools all over Victoria. They explained a wide range of concepts, from the media’s influence to how voting and the government works, helping kids of all ages from primary to secondary school better understand the way the state of Victoria is governed and what’s at play.

Why we loved it

This was a truly student-led production, unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Our team worked hand in hand with Victorian students to create content that would hit the mark inside the classroom to create what we think is some pretty special content.

“Absolutely wonderful job under very difficult circumstances, very responsive, efficient and accommodated all requests with a very positive attitude.”
Tom Nice | VicSRC

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