Arlec came to us with their new Smart Home ecosystem, Grid Connect, to create a video series about all their devices can do, and how the system can all be controlled through their mobile app.

Remote control for any electric product in the house, setting up automation so what you desire happens without you even needing to touch anything – ANGRYchair was incredibly excited to be on the forefront of emerging technologies in the Smart Home field.

What we did:

The ambitious series explored how a beginner could become an expert in the product, and as such required a clean, clear and concise shooting and editing plan.

Shooting multiple days, with different talent and lots of coverage, the production was aided by planning scripts for each video with the client that the editors can then assemble.

What we delivered:

We made a four video series with Grid Connect, with as many as 12 videos in some of the series. These were all 2-5 minute tutorial videos with presenters guiding the viewer through all the ins and outs of Grid Connect and it’s various uses around the house.

These videos are shown in stores at Bunnings Warehouses across the country.

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