Bayside City Council

We have the great privilege of helping various teams at the Bayside City Council with their video needs. Whether their Gallery is premiering a new exhibition, the libraries are educating local residents on their facilities or internal teams need video to communicate with their sizeable staff, our team loves stepping in and helping out with some beautiful video production.

What we do:

We work with the marketing and communications teams across a range of departments to guide them through the journey of planning, production and post-production.

What we deliver:

We’ve delivered a range of videos for their various teams and love the range of challenges they throw at us. Whether it’s in their galleries, with their local businesses or in the council chambers, we love the opportunity to showcase the impact they’re making.

Why we love it:

The team at Bayside have a real appreciation for our ‘refreshingly authentic’ approach and we love being able to tell their stories with beautiful video content.

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