Make More Videos Tip: Make a Wishlist of Bonus Snackable Content to Create

Pre-Prodution Video Tips

While your primary purpose for a shoot day will be producing your main videos, you have an experienced crew with loads of awesome gear at your disposal, so it’s worth making the most of that opportunity.

We encourage our clients to create a Google Doc with a wishlist of ‘snackable’ content they can use on social media (or internally) that could be captured on the shoot day.

Here are some ideas of how that looks:

  • At the end of the interview with the CEO about a new product (main video) ask them what their favourite thing is about 3 other products (3x extra pieces of content – takes 1 minute to shoot, you get 3 bonus pieces of content which you can cut yourself from raw footage, if your edit budget is already fully allocated.)
  • At the end of recording a message with your brand ambassadors, hand them a Santa hat and bonbon and make them read out the joke to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (or your brand’s version of this).
  • During a cooking shoot, ask the crew to roll the camera on some slow-motion shots of the product falling onto the cooking surface – or ask for their input on what cool slow-mo shots you could grab as separate insta/FB pieces.
  • After filming with an ambassador, ask them to sign or personalise a piece of memorabilia on camera that will be part of a competition/giveaway you can run across social channels.
  • After filming with a range of staff members, ask them what Valentines day/ANZAC day/international doughnut day etc. etc. means to them, as social content you can feed out at the appropriate times.

Depending on how the shoot day is going, it might not work out being appropriate to get all of these. But if you’re prepared and ready to get them while the team are setup, you’ll get way more professionally-produced video content for your spend than if you made the same content with your iPhone on a different day (or needed to call the crew back in to do more).


In TV, often loads of promo content or recordings are scheduled into one day with a VIP, to minimise hassle and time input from them. This style of thinking can be hugely beneficial if you’re working with brand ambassadors. Brainstorm all the ways you’d like to use them in video over the next 6 – 12 months and be ready to capture all the pieces you’d need. (You’ll be surprised that most ambassadors will be really grateful for you taking this time-saving approach.)