I think the biggest single online trend at the moment is to create content that is genuinely helpful and useful and sharable.

If you can create content that people find valuable – and sometimes you’ll be creating content that only a small amount of people find valuable – but if you do that, people will value it and respect your brand and feel like you, as a brand, have authority on that subject matter.

So I think that is absolutely a big trend that is emerging and one that businesses can definitely leverage.

The truth is you are one of the leading experts in what you do, so why not help share some of that information.

And be unguarded in what you share. Be ok with the fact that you might share something that had previously been considered a trade secret or a secret sauce kind of thing.

If you share without any reservation, people will have great respect for that.
I think some businesses get nervous that they’re going to give away the secrets – You might be sharing some of your secrets but if you’re open and honest and authentic and genuine about what you do, people love that and they respect that and it gives your brand great credibility.