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Here is a quick rundown of info that might be helpful to look over before we catch up!

in terms of GAINS … here we go …



We’re looking to boost our client list both in terms of clients who engage us for our Refreshingly Authentic Videos for their marketing (using our Q4 Production Approach) or our state of the art education video production facility ‘The Education Studio”.



We’ve done lots of cool things both as ANGRYchair and beforehand.

Before ANGRYchair I worked in Commercial TV production working on doco’s, lifestyle and reality kind of TV shows, I had substantial responsibilities in shows like: The Living Room, Coxy’s Big Break, Talk To The Animals, Tony Robinson’s Time Walks, Bondi Vet, Mercurio’s Menu and quite a few others…

Some people ask me who I’ve worked for and with that they might know, so I’m only name-dropping here because people ask: Sir David Attenborough, Sir Tony Robinson, Dr Chris Brown, Amanda Keller, Tim Smith, Paul Mercurio, Jermaine Jackson. But really the more important people that i worked with in TV were the Cameramen, Producers, Editors, Researchers and Execs who I learned a lot from and who have helped shape the unique approach that ANGRYchair takes today.

Unrelated to the work I do, other accomplishment include being the College Captain st St Bede’s in Mentone and being the Event MC for World Youth Day and introducing the Pope to a live crowd of over 500,000 people at Randwick.

Then in a recent one to one, someone suggested that running a business that supports my wife and two kids is pretty cool too, so I’ll list that as an accomplishment too.



My main interest outside of my work is my family. My wife Helen and I have been married since 2009 and have a son Henry and a daughter Charlotte. Being a dad is outrageously good fun and far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined!

In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and indulging in good food and well produced local beers and wines.



Outside of the BNI network I have a great network of friends who are all around 30 years old and starting to buy houses and start families, I also have a growing network of clients who are in business.

The other network which can occasionally come in handy is my TV colleagues, who from time to time ask about story ideas for a range of TV shows. If you have an idea for a story, let me know and i can see who might be interested.



A great deal of my talents lie in producing Video/Film/TV content. And over the past 3 years in business I have developed a knack for helping other businesses develop ways to leverage (what I think is the) most powerful form of communication available for businesses to use.


The 10:

Our 10 most recent and diverse clients have been…

Tennis Australia – Internal and Online Video Content

Victorian Cosmetic Institute – Online Video Marketing

CEO Of Your Career –  EDUCATION – Online Course Video Content (8 hours for an 8 week program)

Oxford University Press – EDUCATION – Online How To Videos, Seminar Recordings, Online Video Marketing

Choice Hotels Group – Conference Video

BJBAC – Promo Video for Chain of cafe/bar/restaurant venues

Jetpets – Online Video Content Batch for New Website

Functional Movement Group – EDUCATION – Online Course Content and Marketing Videos

VicSRC – Ongoing video content as explainer videos for their projects

Australian Blueberry Growers Association – Social Media Videos with super-yummy Blueberry recipes.