Crafting Compelling Videos: How Long Should My Video Be?

Video Strategy

In the competitive landscape of online content, every detail matters, especially when it comes to video marketing. One question that consistently arises during the planning stages is, “How long should a video be?” Let’s delve into this crucial aspect of video marketing and find the perfect formula for success.

Understanding Your Audience

When deciding the length of your video, the primary factor to consider is your audience. Put yourself in their shoes, envision where they’ll be when they encounter your video, and how they’ll engage with it. 

Answering this question required brutal honesty. If you were browsing a new website for the first time and stumbled upon a video amidst a sea of options, would you commit to a five-minute video right away? The answer is likely most likely “no.” Shorter videos are more suitable for such casual browsing.

However, consider a different scenario. If you’re deep into your research process for a significant investment or contemplating joining an organisation, your level of engagement might prompt you to spend more time watching. The length of the video, in this case, becomes a secondary concern.

Tailoring Video Length to Audience Engagement

For casual, first-time visitors or those who haven’t yet engaged significantly with your business, videos ranging from 45 seconds to 90 seconds typically work well. This time frame provides a concise, informative snippet that doesn’t overwhelm, and also does not risk boring them.

On the other hand, longer content may not be well-received by cold visitors. However, when your audience is highly engaged, invested in your content, and actively involved, longer, in-depth videos can be the right choice. In these cases, your viewers are more likely to appreciate the depth and detail you provide.

The Power of Audience-Centric Video Planning

In the world of online content, the art of video creation is as much about understanding your audience as it is about crafting compelling content. By tailoring your video’s length to the level of engagement and interest your audience exhibits, you can optimise your video marketing strategies for greater success.