Make More Videos Tip: Sit in on the Edit

Post-Production Video Tips

Depending on how the workflow is set up between you and your production house, it makes sense for you (and the other decision-makers) to be involved with the editing process.

One thing that avoids lots of confusion (and makes sure we’re nailing the edits for our clients) is that we encourage the main people to sit with our editors for a few hours during the editing process. This allows them to make decisions on big-picture items like music choice, graphics and branding, the look and feel of the edit etc.

If that isn’t possible, or practical, we use the next best thing: a tool like ‘’, which allows reviewers to make very precise comments, at specific times in the video drafts. This saves us loads of time and confusion and makes the process more enjoyable for everyone.

How this saves money:

  1. It saves you time – allowing you to get other stuff done.
  2. It saves the editors from making any changes that don’t address your concerns. Ie, replacing shots that still show a former employee
  3. It gives you more opportunity to make the videos perfect every time, so the wider approval process is much quicker and simpler.


Work out with the production company when the best time for you to sit-in will be. Most of the editing process is tedious and doesn’t need you to be there, but there are specific ‘decision moments’, which is when your time in a suite is invaluable. Often you’d only be needed for a few hours of a multi-day edit.