Make More Videos Tip: Shoot in Bulk

Production Video Tips

For Video Production, a little bit of planning and buying in bulk will save you a bunch of your marketing cash.

Most marketers will book 4 or 5 ‘half-day’ shoots in the course of a year to make 4 or 5 videos because that’s all their budget will allow… the same budget could allow them to have 3 full-day shoots to get 15 or more videos (and often way more).

If you plan to shoot in bulk, you’re taking advantage of the unwritten ‘call-out’ cost for getting a videographer or crew on-site, set up and ready to film, and you can get 4 or 5 different video projects done in one shoot.

You will also make a small saving in post-production, because of the way most production houses handle edit projects.

Rule of thumb: Half-day shoots will cost around 70-80% of a full-day shoot because of the way the production world works, so the costs add up if you’re doing more of these than necessary.


If you’re making videos with your CEO (for example), ask them to bring a range of different shirts to change into for each video and ask your camera operator to change-up the background. That way, no one will know the videos you released in March and April were actually shot on the same day.


If you add set-up and pack-down time, along with the premium for half-day rates, and the multiple disruptions for your company’s team, the full-day approach will save enough to make significantly more video content with your budget.