Why Raw Footage Is a Major Asset for Marketers

Post-Production Video Strategy

In this fast-paced digital world, when it comes to digital marketing, video production is king. It is the crucial ingredient that helps brands to stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic towards their site. Of course, video has always been an important marketing tool, but the fast consuming, throwaway nature of social media has meant how customers engage with the content has significantly changed.

While a high-quality video will always be vital, social media video production is transforming the way marketers create content. In recent years, the use of raw footage has become an incredibly valuable asset. This footage can help provide truly compelling content that can then be utilised for a wide array of marketing material.

What is raw footage?

When it comes to video production, many people mistakenly believe that raw footage will simply be a selection of beautiful clips similar to the final video. However, this is not the case, and instead, it will be an array of disorganised, crude clips that the videographer captured during the shoot.

These clips will be completely unedited, which means that they will not have been colour corrected, enhanced, or trimmed in any way. These incredibly large files can often be jumbled up and out of sequential order, while there will also be no storyline or narrative. Equally, raw footage will likely come in a file format that many people will not be used to or know how to engage with.

Of course, while the files might be large and the formats a little unusual, raw footage can be a treasure trove of incredible content.

These raw clips would have captured the entire shoot, which means you will be able to find additional footage to use.

Why is raw footage valuable?

Although raw footage might sound like it is of no use to anyone other than an experienced video production team that is not the case. In this digital world, we are never more than an arm’s reach from our smartphones, while on average, we spend 145 minutes a day browsing the internet, which means we are consuming vast amounts of content.

This is placing significant pressure on marketers to continuously create innovative and engaging content. This is where raw footage can become incredibly valuable. These short clips might not be the final video production, but they are able to help you construct a wide array of content that you can repurpose again and again.

Whether it is using this raw footage as part of a testimonial video production, creating unique social media posts that go behind the scenes, or even within your marketing material. These short clips can be perfect to create an array of fresh content that has never been seen before. Effectively, this raw footage is like having a suite of photography that you can use whenever and wherever it is required. Quite often, you will be able to create multiple additional projects from these clips, from voiceovers to adverts, helping you to save money later down the line. You can even use these clips as ‘spare parts’ in any future video projects, too!

Of course, it is important to remember that being able to use the raw footage can be difficult. The files are incredibly large, and the typically unusual file formats can be hard to manipulate; however, the many advantages that it offers makes it a highly attractive asset to marketers and businesses alike.

The ANGRYchair approach

Although some video production companies can be awkward and unwilling when it comes to handing over the raw video footage. Here at ANGRYchair, we believe in sharing the raw footage with all of our clients in a downloadable link immediately after the shoot.

Our team knows just how valuable this professionally shot footage can be, which is why our clients can start utilising the raw footage as soon as they like. This means you can begin to tease out clips through your digital marketing campaigns, building interest ahead of the big video reveal, while also ensuring you have a database of usable footage for later dates. Looking to create a unique video for your brand? Get in touch with our team today!