Centre For Eye Research Australia

We’ve enjoyed working with CERA for a number of years now. The work they do in eye research is amazing and we love being able to tell the stories of their patients and the accomplishments CERA have made.

What we did

We work with the CERA team interviewing numerous members of their staff, research team and patients. The goal is to put together a wide range of videos for their social platforms: donation appeals, updates on their research, case studies about their patients, and eye disease awareness videos.

We work closely with CERA to coordinate all of the logistics for the days we film. It’s normally a large number of interviews we need to conduct and proper scheduling is a key component to running on time and getting everything we need.

What we delivered

Our most recent final delivery comprised of nine videos ranging from one to 3 minutes in length. The end goal of the videos is to celebrate CERA’s accomplishments, raise awareness of their ongoing research and inspire people to donate to their research to ensure that they can continue to break ground in curing eye disease and preventing blindness.

Why we love it

We really admire the work CERA is doing and working with them on these videos is a great experience. It’s fascinating to learn about their research and breakthroughs.

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