For Video Production, a little bit of planning and buying in bulk will save you a bunch of your marketing cash.

Most marketers will book 4 or 5 ‘half-day’ shoots in the course of a year to make 4 or 5 videos because that’s all their budget will allow… the same budget could allow them to have 3 full-day shoots to get 15 or more videos (and often way more).

If you plan to shoot in bulk, you’re taking advantage of the unwritten ‘call-out’ cost for getting a videographer or crew on-site, set up and ready to film, and you can get 4 or 5 different video projects done in one shoot.

You will also make a small saving in post-production, because of the way most production houses handle edit projects.

Rule of thumb: Half-day shoots will cost around 70-80% of a full-day shoot because of the way the production world works, so the costs add up if you’re doing more of these than necessary.

Broadcast tip:

If you’re making videos with your CEO (for example), ask them to bring a range of different shirts to change into for each video and ask your camera operator to change-up the background. That way, no one will know the videos you released in March and April were actually shot on the same day.

The Maths:

If you add set-up and pack-down time, along with the premium for half-day rates, and the multiple disruptions for your company’s team, the full-day approach will save enough to make significantly more video content with your budget.